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Address:       1043 Hopewell Road, Crystal Springs, MS  39059

Chief:            Danny Moore 


 When you think of the term "Volunteer," What thoughts come to mind?  You may have thought of words such as faithful, courageous, committed, compassionate, caring, and most of all dedicated.  When you add the responsibilities of a fire department to that you get Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department.  Our department is made up of the most dedicated firefighters that you could ever ask for.  We take pride in the role our department plays in the community in which we serve and protect on a daily basis.  Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department prides itself on being a department that can provide medical first response, structural and wild land fire suppressions as well as hazmat and rescue operations to our community and surrounding areas.  We treat each fire call, whether it be a medical call or structure on wild land endangerment call with urgency and seize each call as an opportunity of having the potential to save a life, find a lost loved one or provide comfort to those who have lost everything while at the same time remaining strong and focused on the task at hand.  Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department provides mutual and automatic aid to various departments when needed and stands ready to assist in every way possible.


Our department's first-due response area covers a radius of around twenty square miles and protects around 1675 residents in our rural community.  We are strictly a volunteer department that consists of twenty members with about 15 active members who always stand ready to protect our community.  The Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department members are not only known as a fire department/rescue organization in their community but are more less regarded as friends and a part of the family.  The heart of any organization lies with the members who make it up.  Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department is built on loyalty and commitment for the job that is set forth for them to do each and every day.



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