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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 07:09

Prepare, train, and coordinate volunteers for all types of emergencies and disasters. We work with local and state agencies to assure proper equipment needs are met. In addition, we provide weather spotters who assist in observing and reporting hazardous weather within our county to the National Weather Service in Jackson.  We also handle any emergency resulting from an incident at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Claiborne County since we are a host county for them.

  • Preparedness: One of the first jobs of the Emergency Management Agency is to identify what hazards, both man-made and natural, could affect our county.  Planning is then started in order to prepare the components of local governments for their respective response in the event a disaster does occur.
  • Mitigation: After hazards are identified, an effort is made to prevent these events from happening or to possibly lessen their impact when and if they do occur.  Mitigation efforts are determined based on the frequency and level of threat that a hazard presents the degree to which the hazard can be predicted and mitigated.
  • Response: The Emergency Management Agency produces a plan (Local Emergency Operations Plan) that the county utilizes in its response to disasters and certain large-scale emergencies.  Updates and annexes to the plan are essential throughout the plan's useful life cycle.
  • Recovery: One of the most important roles that Emergency Management plays in a disaster is returning the community back to its pre-disaster state.  State (MEMA) and Federal (FEMA) resources and financial assistance programs are often vital to disaster recovery.

We have working relationships with:

Sheriff’s office

City Police Departments

City Fire Departments

MS Highway Patrol

MS Department of Transportation

MS Department of Environmental Quality

MS Department of Health

MS Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Volunteer Fire Departments


The days are unpredictable. We work with a variety of people everyday, and everyday weather affects everything we do.  There are hazards and weather that is unpredictable, but proper planning and being prepared in advance is our best protection.