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While making sure that you and your family are prepared for a disaster, it’s important to remember that your pet may be affected, too. Have your pet wear identification tags at all times. Photograph your pet from several angles and write a physical description. Be sure to include special markings or scars. Store these with your other important business papers. Most animals can survive normally low temperatures with adequate shelter, warm bedding and perhaps an added heat source, like a heat light or mechanic’s light hanging safely above the animal. Animals that are very old, very young or sick need special attention. When temperatures drop into the low 20s or teens, bring your pets indoors for the night. In hot weather, provide a cool, shaded area away from the sun and make sure the pet has plenty of water. Do not leave your animals in a tightly enclosed area such as a car or truck. Include your animals in family fire drills. Display stickers on your windows and doors that can alert emergency personnel that pets are in your home.

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