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A little preparation before attending an outdoor sporting event, such as a football game, golf tournament, or a music festival can mean the difference between a good time and a disaster. These tips are from the National Center for Sports Safety.

1. Check out the weather conditions before leaving home and dress accordingly. Remember that light-weight and light-colored clothing made of breathable fabric works best in extreme heat. In cold weather, layers of clothing are the best idea. In both cases, comfortable shoes and sunscreen are a must.

2. Bring along any medication that you take for chronic conditions. Fatigue, heat, or stress could trigger an asthma attack or angina episode. Be prepared for the possibility.

3. If you have a chronic health problem or are allergic to any medication, wear a Medic Alert bracelet or necklace. This could safe your life in an emergency situation.

4. All members of your group should carry identification.

5. Carry a radio, flashlight, and first aid kit in your automobile.

6. Park in a secure area.

7. Upon arrival, get to know your surroundings:

a. Make sure that you know where exits are located.

b. Locate the Security and First Aid Stations.

8. Make sure you have access to a telephone (mobile or fixed).

9. Ensure that everyone in your party knows how to make a 911 call or alert medical personnel should the need arise.

10. Establish a “Rally Point” for your group just in case there is an emergency or evacuation of the event.

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