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About 600 persons drown in home accidents every year. In 1998, public accidents accounted for about 4,406 drownings. Drowning is the second-leading cause of accidental death of children. Most drownings and near drownings happen when a child accidentally falls into a swimming pool or is left alone in the bathtub.


Therapy. Know CPR. Understand CPR. Don’t underestimate the benefits of CPR. Teach it to older children and all adults in the household. The American Red Cross offers classes to anyone -no matter what age. As a result of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) 2000 Guidelines, the American Red Cross began updating CPR courses in Fall 2000 in response to changes. Extensive work is ongoing throughout the American Red Cross to incorporate the ECC-related revisions in all affected courses. While everyone should take a CPR certification course each year, it is especially important for you to learn the latest CPR techniques.