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Because natural gas lines are underground, service is rarely interrupted. Wind, rain or icy conditions usually have no impact on natural gas service. Natural gas is safe and easy on the environment because, as its name implies, it is a natural product. It is ready to use when it is taken from the ground — it does not have to be refined. Also, it burns cleanly. When burned, natural gas produces only carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Natural gas has no odor of its own. Your local gas company adds a chemical called Mercaptan to it to give it an odor like rotten eggs. This makes it easy to detect.

If you smell gas and suspect a gas leak:

• Open all doors and windows.

• Shut off your gas supply, if possible.

• Call your local gas company for help.

If the odor is strong, and you think you may have a large gas leak, follow these instructions:

• Have everyone leave your home immediately.

• DO NOT operate light switches or a telephone.

• DO NOT pull plugs from electrical outlets.

• DO NOT light a match or lighter.

• Call the gas company immediately from a neighbor’s phone.

Gas, like all appliances, should be used properly. To ensure proper use, have them installed and maintained only by qualified service people, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation and operation of each appliance.