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Pipelines are considered the safest, cleanest, and most economical way to transport large quantities of natural gas, oil, and other chemicals to businesses and homes across the United States. America’s energy transportation network consists of more than 2 million miles of pipelines operated by more than 3,000 companies large and small.  Although these pipelines exist in all 50 states, most people are unaware that the vast network even exists.  This is due to the strong safety record of pipeline operators and the fact that most of them are located underground.

It is a federal crime to damage or remove a pipeline marker.  Markers are placed near pipelines, but not necessarily on top of them.  Pipeline markers signs are located at road, railroad and navigable waterway crossings. The markers are at numerous points along the pipeline right of way.  They identify the:

  • Approximate location of a pipeline
  • Pipeline Product or Material transported
  • 24 hr Emergency phone number
  • Pipeline operator

811 – One Call Center – Always call the one-call center to request marking of underground facilities within a proposed excavation site.  This is a free service.  Simply dial 811 and you will be connected to the center serving that area or you can call 1-888-258-0808 to learn the number of the state’s one call center.


For maps and information about pipelines that exist in your area visit National Pipeline Mapping System

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